Françoise Hardy, formally named ‘Clementine Collection’ is a new small business fashion brand which came to me for a complete brand identity switch up. I worked with two lovely people from this brand for a month to recreate the look of their business.

The Brief:

They wanted my input on a name change, to which they loved the Parisian singer ‘Françoise Hardy’. They wanted to also keep the name of ‘clementine’ in the name if they could.

I asked for a summary of the brand in five words, to get an idea of their intentions. ‘Edgy, Sexy, Classy, Cute, trendy and even Parisian’ was their chosen words. They wanted to stick to a vintage Parisian theme but modernised.

“As we move into Autumn/ Winter we will be offering products such as coats, trousers and leathers. This could be a good opportunity to create a separate brand as we understand that it’s quite a leap in a new direction.”

For colour palettes, they wanted mainly pastel colours and a focus of orange if they are to keep the clementine name in the brand.

Original Logo:

Their scamp new logo idea:

Moodboard the client presented:

I created Françoise Hardy’s two collections ‘Clementine’ for their Summer collection, as the fruit is fresh and vibrant, and ‘Citrouille’ translates to pumpkin in French, known to give a more Autumnal/Winter touch. Both words are in keeping in the French theme that my clients wanted.


I developed some options for my client of different approaches of the logo and the brand feel through illustration, photo editing and typefaces.

From these type choices I gave them a rough three options to begin.

With each typeface option I manipulated the chosen typefaces to make them individual to the logo not just taken. The boxed script typeface on the right was preferred.

From these three options I created from visual examples of the logos on their images used on their instagram and depop to show how they would look. I also created a colour palette for their summer and winter marketing.

Working through my options

I developed the three options a little further as my client still couldn’t envision which was the best to choose. I wanted to show that all three options could be suitable for the brand.

I created instagram mockups and profile logos too for their branding. They didn’t favour the stock photos of the pumpkins and clementines, but favoured the illustrations I had done previously.


My client chose the far right typeface to work further on, and loved the colours of burnt and fresh orange for the two collections as they work with clementine and citrouille.

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