For this four week solo project, I received an artist given to me at random, to which we had to create an exhibit for celebrating their work. This included an identity for the exhibit, some ephemera, wayfinding inside the exhibit, and and promotion in a space to advertise the exhibit.

The artist I received was E.E. Cummings'; poet and painter. I created 'object.ion'; an exhibit celebrating E.E. Cummings' use of punctuation, focusing on how he plays with language and breaks the rules,  instead of the meanings of his poems.

I played with this idea for my logo, showing the visual ‘breaking’ of the rules of language by splitting the word with a full stop. I chose ‘objection’ as the name of my exhibit as it fully explains the way which E.E. Cummings reacts to the laws of the English Language.

For the identity I have only acquired a very monochromatic colour palette, and the red is to highlight the ‘objections’ which E.E. Cummings uses in his work, as a sign of in-corrective use of punctuation. I created a pattern too, using the logo but changing the punctuation between the word. ‘object.ion’s identity has a black and white version for diversity in the design aspect.

Promotion in a space was devoped to create attraction to the exhibit in Kensington Station; the nearest station to the Design Museum where the exhibit is being held and the nearest park. Wayfinding in the gallery also to compliment the art pieces and set an identity to the exhibit.

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