This one week group brief in second year AUB was to create a brand identity for a new urban restaurant 'The Ramblers'. Once receiving some information about the style of restaurant, their direct competitors, target market, and visuals for the interiors, we proceeded to do research.

Looking into what their target market wants, and the brand identities for their direct competitors, we began to create the logo for The Ramblers.


We created the concept idea for The Ramblers of R&R representing the two r’s in the name and the common phrase ‘rest and recuperate’, to give a soft homely feeling to the restaurant, to appeal to their target audience. This is used throughout the identity, as a design element as well.

A hand-written element for the restaurants USP ‘off the grill’ was added for a contrast to the rest of the sharp-edged contemporary design to mimic the a new hip restaurant but still maintaining a homely comforting feel.

For the menus we incorporated a minimalistic look to match the desires of a hipster modern restaurant feel. Using the ‘R&R’ visual language to decorate the menu, this created visual identity which we used throughout the promotion of the restaurant.

We created one Correx poster and door drops to spread the word of the new opening.

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