How it sparked

My dissertation was actually sparked unintentionally from a visit to an exhibition in London which I visited called ‘Kiss My Genders’ (2019) which looked into how people of minority deal with their conflicts through expression of various art forms. This led me to be interested in how people express themselves in times of conflicts, and how the public get their method of verbal ‘justice’ through social media.

A Summary

This written and designed piece is comparing the oldest and the newest but largest form of mass media, and how people respond and accept information from them. It discusses various perspectives of news through decades of before social media, and the rising of social media to compare how people took information. I have used news stories of social media sparking Black Lives Matter movements, and even the documentation of the unfortunate 9/11 incident.

Various books on text image relationships and researchers going into Reader Response Theory summarises some of my points too, creating equal perspectives. My intention of this dissertation was to get people to think about whether you believe everything you read on the internet, or is it more truthful than newspapers as it hasn’t been filtered? Raw footage and the public have a voice.

Design Intentions

My design intentions were fairly simple as I was working with a lot of important text, and there is quotes which needed attention therefore not a lot of unnecessary design detailing, or as I call it; faff.

I went for a hinted newspaper layout to show the presence of that form of mass media in my written piece; the reader will instantly know it’s going to be about newspapers. With the imagery overload of mouse cursors on the cover as well, the reader also knows it’s to do with the internet too.

I used a mixture of a classic serif typeface to show a traditional side, and pairing it with a fairly modern sans-serif typeface representing the two sides of media I am comparing.

Large almost oversized headers were used as newspapers do; highlighting drastic words and phrases to make the piece sound as dramatic as some newspapers do. A classic newspaper grid system was implemented, using three columns to create the narrow paragraphs. Lines vertically were carefully placed in the spreads too, guiding the reading direction and setting pace, whilst spreading out text without it looking too gappy and awkwardly placed across the pages.

I found this dissertation entirely stimulating and so interesting, as I am in love with the social aspects of life and how us humans interact with things and each other. I learnt so much about the history of mass media in different forms, the laws involved with it and news stories of devastating events which I am now much more informed about. It’s interesting creating arguments for each sides of a debate, as it can be hard to create a truthful conclusion of your own thoughts. I believe social media to be such an empowering tool for humans, creating globalisation and unifying us. On the other hand, it is so important to ensure it is used carefully, as it can cause so much damage too. 

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