“I highly recommend Amelia. I found her really easy to work with and with great creativity she was able create an amazing piece of custom artwork. She was always open to my ideas or questions, communicating with me along the way and taking me by the hand. The client journey was exceptional!” – Georgina Kendall, Client

Some illustrative commission work for my friend; she wanted a beautiful poster for her room. She wanted a strong focus on a bright pink and purple colour palette, and for the image to include her but not her face. ‘something care free and close to nature’ my friend said, she also wanted a focus on her converse which she loves, and her record player.

She sent a couple inspirational pieces which had heavy brushstrokes and gaps in the filling in which is where I have taken my style from.

Some close up shots of the piece, to see the detail. It is an A2 size poster.

I began by asking my client to send me a couple inspiration pieces which she had seen and to point out key bits she liked from each. I also asked her to tell me key elements of herself she wanted featured, and to describe in words what she wishes this piece to feel.

From that I created a moodboard and picked some colours from her inspirational pieces, and sketched two very different composition based posters.

The poster design on the left was favoured; a scene based illustration more than a collection of items. I began sketching in more detail, sending my client updates to create a final more detailed sketch. Once I got the all clear I began creating this wonderful piece.

I experimented with various brush styles for the piece, and my client picked ones she liked most. A few were picked for variation in texture of the piece.

I found this project really different and stimulating, and I loved working with the client. It was challenging and detailed; not really anything I had done before. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this piece. 

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