Illustrated Graphic Novel telling a true story of a lady who was in a terrible accident resulting in memory loss of 11 years. This book is highlighting the importance of memory and it’s connection to mental health issues and self-identity crisis.

I found Jenny through Twitter which I was able to interview her to hear her chilling story. I based my final project on this as I have a passion for illustration and raising awareness for mental health as it should be seen as an important issue.

These are just a few illustrations in my narrative:

Attention to Detail


As the narrative is a true story, using real photos found from Jenny to base scenes off of gave a nice touch. There is great importance of showing a true story of recovery in the most accurate light.

Easter Egg

I have created an ‘Easter egg’ present in the narrative, visible throughout my book symbolising love, hope and care to others, which is what Jenny had all along, but only felt it at the end. The ‘get well soon’ card is always there, and as so is love, but due to Jenny’s journey through recovery, it isn’t a smooth one. Whether it is a physical or mental illness, love and care from loved ones is always there, even when it isn’t the most obvious to the person who needs it.

Due to COVID-19 I am yet to print my book, so this is some mock-ups which do the best to show what it would look like:

Final Digital Book

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