This brief was my final second year project at AUB, where we set our own brief.

My choice for my project focusing on sentimental objects then refining to inherited possessions specifically was sparked through a small event in my life two years ago, which interested me greatly. I took this further by researching the meaning behind sentimental objects and looked into the theory of material culture, particularly interested in the idea of items ‘touching’ us in the same way which we ‘touch’ them.

Interviewing my step-dad about this Trunk we had in our spare room is a perfect representation of the importance of an inherited item; not just by the story, but by the way my Stepdad spoke about his father who owned it, and the Trunk itself.

I conducted a further five more interviews and I was able to gather amazing documents, birth certificates, old family photographs and newspaper cut outs which back up the story of the Steamer Trunk and Reg; my stepdad’s father.


To assist the narrative, I have created an Archive Documentation Book that supports this true story. This shows the level of accuracy to the narrative and
the importance of the Trunk in my family, and the lines in history it crossed.

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