Working from beginning of April 2021 to mid May 2021, I created this bold, exciting and very different type set. This wasn't meant to sit as a typeface, but more as an exploration of type creating and letter forms.

I researched different styles and movements of type, to try to create something new and fresh every day.

I did this challenge as I wanted to push myself and my type skills even more; as I had worked with type and editorial, but not really created my own letterforms before. I also wanted to refresh and broaden my knowledge of Adobe Illustrator.

Colour Palette

I decided on a very versatile colour palette, with variations of bright and paler colours, but all giving underlining boldness and positive visual senses. I chose to restrict myself to these colours as I am being very free with my style and form of type; so colour needs to be the linking factor and common denominator.

Process and development

I began by looking at each letter in its raw form; picking lowercase over uppercase. Choosing lowercase meant that I could be more experimental with the curves, stems, descenders and ascenders of certain letterforms which allowed for a lot more creative freedom and some funky outcomes.

I looked at inspiration such as Behance, and Instagram of my favourite typographers to get the creative juices flowing, then drew a couple different styles before picking. I then took to Illustrator with my sketch to complete the letter. Such changes were then made which occasionally didn’t meet the initial sketch, but sometimes they didn’t work out as imagined.

I used some effects in Illustrator to create some dynamic and attention grabbing letters, and I wasn’t afraid to Google any methods to aid me as I am keen to be constantly learning.


I would say upon reflection of this 36 day challenge, I am only happy with my outcomes from the letter ‘H’ onwards, as it took me a little bit of time to get into the swing of Illustrator again and to figure out my style. After that, I enjoyed every letter, trying to make the next one even more different and fun as the previous.

I didn’t shy away from a challenge, trying out serif, sans-serif, script and slab. Stretching and distorting the letterforms to create a whole new way of looking at each letter was really exciting and I throughly enjoyed this extended month.

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