Response to D&AD brief Giffgaff, Gi is designed for the elderly, to combat problems of loneliness, inactiveness and safety in their homes and care homes. Gi is a friendly and patient piece of UI technology, linked with 5G and Giffgaff,
the response rate of Gi is almost instant creating a personified effect.



This is the logo for Gi; it’s name derived from Giffgaff, and 5G which it is endorsing.

This form of UI could be used from any 5G device, with or without screens. The screen design is large, bright coloured features for easy legibility for the target audience. Gi has settings to add hobbies and calendar access.

Gi makes helpful suggestions about exercising, doing hobbies, making plans with friends through their Gi’s, and even notifies them of anything in their calendar.


A lesser known problem in the elderly community is that elder abuse is on the rise. Either physical, emotional, or financial by caregivers or even certain family members.

To combat this, a safety setting can be enabled only accessed by the owner and only turned on by the owner. Loud noises such as a fall or shouting, or trigger words will activate Gi to start recording noise, and with Gi’s access to their calendar, they can see who they are with or if they’re alone.

Gi can contact authorities or loved ones but only with permission.

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